Toshiba TOSVERT VF-S15

Robust Design -
            Wide range of applications

The VF-S15 is a compact and high performance drive designed for controlling a wide range of constant and variable torque applications. It consists of advanced features such as the expanded PID control and other many practical functions for energy saving and powerful operation. Yet, the VF-S15 is very easy and simple to customize, which makes it an easy choice for most applications. The VF-S15 is capable of driving PM motors and modular communication interface options are available. No other inverter drive offers such reliable and performance with extensive capabilities at such a competitive price.


Power Capacity
Key Features
  • The VF-S15 is capable of working with permanent magnet (PM) motors, which allows a much greater flexibility in selecting a motor for an application.
  • Superior Control allows the user ultimate application flexibility. Toshiba’s advanced vector-control algorithm offers speed regulation of 0.1% sensor-less. Energy saving, user selectable V/Hz patterns make the S15 a smart choice for any application

  • Improved proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Control Algorithm provides regulation of critical processes. High and low speed limits, deviation limits, online switching, and a built-in sleep function are included to enhance the flexibility and reliability of PID process control. Improved control is possible with the S15’s enhanced PID algorithm, making it easier than ever to dial in your process control application.


  • Heavy Duty Performance separates the S15 from the competition. Offering one of
    the toughest micro-drive overload ratings in the industry, the S15 is rated for 110%
    of its full-load amp rating for continuous operation and 150% for up to one minute.
  • Tough Environment conditions are no problem for the VF-S15. The VF-S15 is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, and can operate in temperatures up to 122°F (50°C) without derating and can also be configured for use in temperatures above 122°F (50°C) with a de-rate.
  • Easy Installation and Programming allows the user to install and program the S15 drive with minimal downtime. Din Rail kits allow users the option of easily mounting the drive onto a pre-existing DIN inside of a cabinet or on a panel.
  • Built-In LED Interface allows for quick, user-friendly programming and easy modification of the S15’s expanded parameter set. Additional remote-mount keypads are also available. The parameter write and simple fault tracking functionality of these optional keypads make setup and troubleshooting quick and simple.

Control Terminal Board


  • The addition of the +SU terminal to the S15 allows for the end user to power the drive control section using a simple 24 VDC power supply. This allows startup technicians to program the drive without having to have 230 V or 460 V three-phase power available.
  • Toshiba’s Proprietary Windows®-Based ASD Pro Software is available at no additional cost. This easy-to-use software is designed to provide a full range of programming and monitoring tools for all Toshiba low voltage drives, including the S15. ASD Pro offers parameter reading, trending, and logging features that allow the user to save and transfer parameters and export data and graphs to an electronic file. Parameter groups and trending data can be easily converted into spreadsheets or graphs for field and validation reports.
  • VF-S15’s "Easy" Key is a configurable key that simplifies startup and operation. The
    easy key quickly accesses commonly changed parameters. In addition, the easy key can also function as a simple local/remote key for easy operation switching.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Monitor number of starting: Displaying number of starting and output the alarm signal are helpful for maintenance.
    Details on history trip records: Output current, input voltage etc, a monitor to identify the cause of the problem and help to find countermeasures. VF-S15 can keep memories of the last eight trips even after resetting.
  • The VF-S15 is one of the smallest drives offered in the industry. The compact design allows the unit to be installed in areas with limited space, allowing users more space for running applications.

  • All VF-S15 have built-in EMC filters to suppress EMC electromagnetic noise.


  • 1-Phase 240V models and 3-Phase 500V models have built-in EMC noise filter that complies with the European EMC Directive
  • Compliance with global standards including CE, CSA and UL.
  • Compliance with the European RoHS Directive.

Supported Applications
The following applications are supported by VF-S15's advanced functions and features for quick setup, simple operation and performance optimization:
  • Vertical and horizontal material handling
  • Fans and pumps
  • Food processing machineries
  • Packaging machineries
  • Daily life machineries
  • Medical equipment
  • Textile line
  • Chemical machineries
  • Printing machineries
  • Machine tools processing machineries
  • Semiconductor facility equipment
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