TOSHIBA Energy Efficient Technology

Promoting Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, Energy conservation is a primary requirement in product and service development for various industries. In order to meet various needs , Toshiba proposes the highest efficiency motor ‘IPM motor’. This cutting edge motor product line is designed to meet the competitive demands of the global market as well as the requirements of IE4 efficiency level, while maintaining the same frame size as a standard motor which means it is easily replaceable. IPM motor is the new key component
of competitive machine.


TOSHIBA Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

  • Class IE4 Efficiency Equivalent - Highest efficiency motor drive system
  • Low rotor loss and temperature rise. IPM motor can achieve a longer life..
  • Same frame size as standard induction motor


Toshiba Permanent Magnet IE4 Motor:

Toshiba Premium Gold IE3 Motor :


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