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Block - Made in Germany
BLOCK offers more than 1400 coiled transformers and power products for industries worldwide. Over the years, Block solutions have been widely used in wind power, railway engineering, shipbuilding or the classic industrial markets. Please feel free to contact us to select the right solution for you.


Power Quality Solutions
High quality reactors and passive harmonic filter solutions from Block reduce noise pollution in your electrical system. Block reactors and filters use the BLOCKIMPEX vacuum impregnationation process for corrosion protection to ensure long service life. Power quality solutions from Block can help you reduce equipment failures and valuable downtime



Line, Motor and DC Reactors
Minimize mains pollutions and smooth out any peak current spikes or pulses. Reactors can be used on both the input and/or output of the frequency inverter drive to improve the reliability of your system.

Harmonic Filters
Block harmonic filters reduces hamonic current distortion THD<8% and improves power factor to >0.95 for sinusoidal current waveforms. Designed for frequency inverter drives and meets international standards,

EMI Filters
Rradio interference suppression filters help increase immunity of connected device from noise interference. Comply with DIN EN 60939-2, UL 1283, CSA C22.2 No.8

Magnetic Voltage Stabilizer
Provides compensation for mains voltage fluctuations and attenuation of voltage peaks. Ensure stable supply voltage in the event of mains over-voltage, under-voltage, voltage dips and surges.

Sine Filters
For the suppression of differential mode interference and common mode interference, therefore unshielded long cable length is possible. Sine filters optimize drive system efficiencies and increase motor service life.


Power Solutions
Block offers a complete range of din-rail power supply solutions for your industrial and building automation needs. Block power supplies are designed with advanced protection and monitoring features to protect your sensitive equipment. Options includes redundancy modules and UPS can
help you maximize uptime for your mission critical applications. The Red Dot design award for the PowerMini series will also make your system look clean, compact and professional.


Designed for use in distribution boards or flat control panels.

  • Low profile
  • Adjustable voltage
  • Redundancy module for N+1


Power MINI
Efficient SMPS in slim plastic casing.

  • 4-channel electronic breaker
  • Active current limiting
  • Communication with PLC
  • Standby Power <1W

Combines the basic functionality of an economic SMPS with the essential additional features for a high system availability.
[3-phase input version available]

  • Quick tripping for short circuit protection
  • 8-channel electronic breaker
  • UPS Battery Management Module

Top of the line SMPS designed meet all automation technology requirements.
[3-phase input version available]

  • Visual Display and communication interface
  • Advanced AC input and DC output monitoring
  • Power boost for start-up
  • Protective coating for harsh environment

Electronic Circuit Breakers
Used for selective protection of DC circuits against overcurrent and short circuit with a much higher degree of precision than traditional circuit breakers.

  • Reliable tripping and isolation of fault
  • Individually adjustable current per channel
  • Remote restart of tripped channels possible




Control and Isolation Transformers
For safe electrical isolation of the mains input and output sides suitable for creating SELV and PELV circuits
  • Up to 1MVA
  • IP67 and BLOCKIMPEX corrosion protection
  • Optimized Cooling
  • Approvals: EN61558, VDE0570, cURus, ENEC 10

PCB Transformers and Inductors
PCB mount inductors for noise filtering, transformers for voltage adjustment and safety isolation.
  • Small size, low profile
  • XtraDesnsiFill corrosion protection
  • Isolated dual output for series/parallel connection
  • Class B insulation (130C) potting material


Technical Guide
Please visit support section for technical and safety information provided by Block
  • Power Quality
  • Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Transformers & Inductors
  • Block Lab

Custom Made Solutions
If Block's off-the-shelf products cannot meet your requirements, Block offers fast customisation and product redevelopment service. With Block's development and EMC lab, certain tailor-made products can be certified and ready for shipping from the production sites in Verden within three weeks. Please visit Block's website


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