With over 12 decades of experience, worldwide known  for its quality and reliability, all DIAMANT metal repair and cold welding materials are formulated and produced in Germany. With the collaboration of scientific institutions, research centers, universities, Diamant products are uniquely formulated to be durable and dependable for years. Please visit DIAMANT website for more detailed information, and feel free to contact us to select the best suitable product for your application. Sunnice will also be able to provide Diamant product demonstrations, trainings and comprehensive support services. @



DIAMANT MM1018 is used for gap compensation or precise adjustment of all unevenness of steel constructions. Common applications of  MM1018 include forcefit connection to steel beams, bridge bearings. MM1018 can withstand very high compressive strength, non-conductive and strong resistance against corrosion, gasoline, oil, lye and acid.


DIAMANT plasticmetal is the perfect surface repair material for small and mid-size defects in any kind of metal.  plasticmetal is commonly used to repair and correct porosities, defects, cavities, mismachined, worn areas in all kinds of cast iron, steel, aluminum and other metal alloys.

DIAMANT dichtol can creep into all pores and cracks for fast and everlasting sealing. No special knowledge, training, machineries, energy required, saving enormous time and costs. Simply dip, spray, brush or inject dichtol on to porous materials or inside casting. DIAMANT dichtol is widely acknowledged by known oil and gas companies as the single repairing and maintaining solution provider for pumping stations.

DIAMANT DWH is a moulding system for fine adjustments and connections of machine surfaces and machine tools. For high precision alignment of machine joints, spindle shafts, key slots, guide rails, bearing chairs, bearing flanges and machine beds, simply apply DIAMANT DWH.

DIAMANT moglice is a mouldable low friction wayliner to produce anti-stick-slip properties for slideways with high-precision. The moulding-method can create complex forms and structures without mechanical machining. Moglice enables slideways to run easily and protects against wear & tear.


DIAMANT ultrametal. a product also known as chemical cold welding, repairs worn, eroded, corroded or defective metal surfaces and elements. Not only does ultrametal restore metals to their original quality, it also provide protection against corrosion offering excellent technical properties. Ultrametal will connect, bond, correct and optimize materials other than metals as well.

Accessories for Diamant
Easing the professional preparation and the application of DIAMANT Products

- separator W 10: prohibits adhesion of DIAMANT products by means of a special wax base.
cleaner: removes grease, oil, coolants, remainders offering a chemically clean surface.
- stop stand: non slippery floor covering.
liquid glove: skin protection against resins, glues, epoxies, solvents.

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