Toshiba TOSVERT series

Industrial AC Drive
All Toshiba TOSVERT inverter drives are rigorously tested and built of the highest quality. Whether
your application is precision motion control or integration in advanced automation systems, TOSVERT inverter drives will operate efficiently, and deliver performances that will exceed your expectations.


The AS3 is Toshiba’s latest high performance inverter drive featuring state-of-the-art motor control technology and built-in Ethernet communication. AS3 incorporates advanced features that meets the requirements of modern automation systems for evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) / Industry 4.0.
[IP-55 model available]

The VF-S15 is a compact and high performance drive featuring advanced functions to support a wide range of applications.No other inverter drive offers such reliable and performance with extensive capabilities at such a competitive price as the VF-S15.

Toshiba's next generation of ultra-compact inverter drive. VF-nC3's sensorless vector control delivers strong, stable torque characteristic. Getting started with the VF-nC3 is simple with the auto-tuning function.
The VF-nC3 brings out the best performance for compact machines.

The VF-AS1 is an advanced inverter drive for the most demanding, high end industrial machine and equipment applications. It performs high torque, quick response, high accuracy and excellent environmental capability. Yet the VF-AS1 is easy to operate with "my function".

[IP-54 model available]

Extremely flexible, capable of handling every conventional drive application. High performance with a wide range of functions, configurations and options available. Complies with major world standards and variable power ranges. Available for wide power ranges, the excellent performance, high level of flexibility and user-friendly features.
[IP-54 model available]
[600V input model available]

Combining flexibility, reliability, and the latest sensorless flux vector technology into the industry's smallest footprint. The wide range of functions of the VF-nC1 meets various users' needs from simple speed control to steady torque at low speed. The nano sized VF-nC1 is extremely easy to install and fit in even the tightest space.


Fan and Pump Applications
Inverter drives for variable torque and low peak torque applications, such as fan, pump and HVAC for industrial markets.


Applicable motor output  ranges up to 630kW. For powerful, advanced, precision fan and pump applications to optimize energy saving. The VF-PS1 is derived from VF-AS1, with the addition of specialized HVAC, fan and pump features. The VF-PS1 also supports a wide range communication protocol for various building automation systems.
[IP-54 model available]

Advanced energy saving modes and functions minimizes the loss of induction motors at low speed. The VF-FS1 incorporates many practical functions specially designed for fan and pump applications.
[IP-54 model available]


OEM Applications


Range of Tosvert inverter drives specially designed and developed to support the needs of OEM market. Available in 3-phase 400V, from 0.7kW to 11kW.


Digital Soft Starters
Toshiba's soft starters have features to control and reduce the mechanical stresses of electric motors during startup and stoppage economically and efficiently. With built-in protection functions, comprehensive feature list, and simple to use


Compact TMC7 series soft starter is designed for starting and stopping motors up to 110kW in most efficient and economical manner. Its fully adjustable Start and Stop times coupled with over 4 x FLC (Full Load Current) limit, allows it to be used for most common applications in industry. Together with its accessories of remote key-pad and communication interfaces (MODBUS / PROFIBUS / DEVICENET / ASi), it is one of the most powerful soft starters on the market. Available for Din-rail mounting

The TMS9 soft-starter provides control of starting and stopping motor performances. Soft stop and pump control for optimum control over stopping performance. Flexible control functionality for system integration. Comprehensive built-in functions, including bypass and complete motor protection make the TMS7 unique in many respects. Available in voltages from 200V through to 690Vac and power ratings exceeding 1200kW, the TMS9 soft starter range offers flexibility with input and output bus bar configuration options of top or bottom entry, as well as 3 wire and 6 wire (inside delta) connections .

Accessories for TOSVERT
With one of the broadest sets of supported industrial protocols in the industry, Toshiba drives can easily communicate with your network. Remote keypads and HMI interface devices are also available that makes TOSVERT even more accessible.

- Toshiba communication option boards/terminal blocks
- Industrial Control Communication protocol interface/gateway
- Remote keypads and HMI interfaces
- PC Link cable

General Applications
Toshiba inverter drives are used around the world and applied in various industry segments. Below lists some of the most common applications:





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